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CompoCompiler  add composites automatically


Purchase CompoCompiler

CompoCompiler creates composite fonts automatically. You can use an existing composite font as a template (to determine which composite characters to make) or create your own. Then just tell CompoCompiler to create composites for any other font using the template and in seconds you've finished a job that could have taken hours!

CompoCompiler for Windows — US$99

Currency Convertor from XE.com

CompoCompiler for Mac is not available.


Version 1.0 for Windows.

Compo compiler uses a special command file (a text file with a very simple structure) and applies it to your selected fonts to add composites. Plus — you can build command files automatically in Compo Compiler using any font file as a source of composite information. For example, you can take Arial or Lucida Unicode and build a command file with information about all the composites in these files and then apply this command file to any of your fonts. The positions of the components in the command file are defined relatively, so command files work with almost any font, independent of the characters' proportions. Download the demo here.