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Company Profile: Fontlab Ltd.

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FontLab products are made by Fontlab Ltd., which is incorporated in Panama and has staff and contractors around the world, including the USA, Canada, Germany, Ukraine and Russia.

FontLab's co-founders are President & CEO Ted Harrison, and VP of Engineering Yuri Yarmola, who invented the software that became FontLab. Other key team members are Thomas Phinney (Vice President) and Adam Twardoch (Product Manager).

The predecessor of Fontlab Ltd. was Pyrus North America Ltd. The company was established in 1992 to internationally market and distribute software produced by SoftUnion Ltd. of St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1993 the first product, FontLab 2.0 for Windows, one of the first digital typeface editors for the Windows environment, was released. Reviews and feedback from marketing research showed the product was very well received by a new and rapidly growing group of graphic designers who worked on the PC.

Press Releases and Product Images

Press releases


Fontographer 5



SigMaker goes multilingual


ScanFont 5

SigMaker 3

Photofont Start 2

BitFonter 3

TypeTool 3


FogLamp 2


FontLab Studio 5

Fontographer 4.7 for Mac OS X

SigMaker 2 for Mac OS X

TransType Pro for Mac and Windows

Fontographer Has a New Home at Fontlab Ltd.


BitFonter 2 for Mac

Adam Twardoch joins Fontlab Ltd.


ScanFont 4 for Mac


TransType 2 for Windows

AsiaFont Studio 3 for Windows


FontLab 4 for Windows

BitFonter for Mac

TransType 2 for Mac


FontLab 3 for Mac

TransType for Windows


FontLab 3 for Windows


SigMaker for Windows

TypeTool for Windows

ScanFont 3 for Windows


FontLab Composer for Windows

Company Logo

Fontlab Ltd. company logo

Download the Fontlab Ltd. company logo in printable formats

Press Kits

Need screen shots, product logos or icons? Here is an assortment for each of our products:

Fontographer5 press kit

FontLab Studio 5 press kit

FontFlasher press kit

ScanFont 3 & 4 press kit

TransType press kit

TypeTool press kit

BitFonter 2 press kit

FONmaker press kit

AsiaFont Studio 3 press kit

SigMaker press kit

CompoCompiler press kit

FogLamp press kit


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Fontlab, Ltd.

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