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TransType 4

Convert, organize, fix, color fonts. Have fun!

True genius at font work

With TransType 4, your fonts work when and where you want them to. Fully redesigned, built on a brand-new software core, amazingly fast and versatile, TransType is far more than the ultimate font converter. TransType organizes font families, fixes font problems, and allows you to play and experiment with monochrome and multi-color fonts.

Generate rock-solid, high-quality OpenType, TrueType or @font-face web fonts. Turn monochrome layered fonts or any color fonts into gorgeous multi-color OpenType fonts. And if you’re a font publisher, TransType is the best tool to turn your VFBs or UFOs into shipping fonts.

What’s new in TransType 4

  • Fully redesigned and engineered from the ground up, with support for newest OpenType and web font standards
  • Ultrafast batch conversion of hundreds of fonts at a time into optimized desktop and web fonts
  • Automatic and drag-and-drop font family reorganization
  • Font special effects for blending, rounded corners, tracking, autokerning, slanting or distorting
  • Create multi-color OpenType fonts from BitFonter Photofonts or by overlaying traditional outline fonts
  • Generate PDF samples and glyph maps
Buy and Download

Buy TransType 4

Buy TransType 4 at US$97
(Upgrades: US$39.95)

Download 7-day trial version

Download For Mac OS X | Download For Windows

About TransType 4

Convert fonts

Converting fonts has never been easier. Drop any number of fonts, or even folders and ZIP archives into TransType, choose the conversion profile, click on Convert — done! TransType preserves all of the original font data but optimizes the font files and fixes some common problems on the way. It opens virtually any old and modern font format, including VFB and UFO. You get industry-strength, optimized, cross-platform OpenType or TrueType fonts (OTF, TTF) and @font-face web fonts (WOFF, EOT, SVG) that just work.


Organize and fix fonts


Font families have been a major nuisance. Making them work in all operating systems and applications has been a daunting technical task — but not anymore. TransType gives you comprehensive, intuitive management of your entire font families, not just single fonts. With its drag-and-drop interface and incredible built-in automation, your font families will work in Windows, Mac and Adobe apps, without ever missing a single font style.

Split, merge or rename font families with just a few clicks — faster and easier than in any font converter ever before. TransType’s font engine combines 20+ years of industry-standard FontLab font technology with the most up-to-date OpenType and web font standards. So when you convert your fonts, they are automatically upgraded to the newest and finest version of the format. Outdated or buggy font tables are automatically sanitized, and bingo! — font problems corrected.

Color fonts

Black-and-white movies are wonderful — but fortunately, Hollywood has discovered color many years ago. In 2013, Adobe, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla have finally brought several OpenType format extensions for multi-color fonts into the mainstream. TransType is the first app in the world to support them all. Create gorgeous multi-color OpenType fonts from bitmap fonts made with BitFonter, from single-layer monochrome outline fonts, from SVG fonts or any other color OpenType fonts.

These new fonts will work natively in newest versions of Firefox, Safari, IE 11, and some other apps. But best of all, with our free FontLab Pad app, they work everywhere — on all versions of Mac OS X and Windows. Just imagine what you can do if you’re no longer limited to classic black-and-white!


Have fun!


It’s not all work and no play for TransType. Be experimental: apply a special effect to any font — and voila! With spectacularly anti-typographic effects that include Fake Italic, Smoooth, Blur them All or the Reality Distortion Field, absolutely no drawing skills are necessary to ruin one type designer’s months of hard labor.

Apply tracking and auto-kerning, blend between a light and a bold font to create intermediate weights. Export customizable font previews and glyph maps as PDFs for your or your client’s reference.

TransType Specifications

TransType 4 imports

Monochrome fonts: OpenType PS (.otf), OpenType TT / TrueType (.ttf), TrueType Collections (.ttc), CID-keyed OpenType PS (.otf), PostScript Type 1 (.pfb, .pfa, .pfm, .afm, .inf), Mac font suitcases (LWFN, FFIL), SVG fonts (.svg)

Color fonts: OpenType TT (.ttf) with Adobe/Mozilla SVG table, Apple sbix table, Microsoft COLR/CPAL tables, Google CBDT/CBLC tables; Photofont (.phf) with PNG data or SVG data; SVG fonts (.svg)

Other formats: Unified Font Objects 2 (.ufo), FontLab files (.vfb), Ikarus (.ik), Web Open Font Format (.woff), EOT compressed/uncompressed (.eot), Adobe FDK for OpenType (.fea), ZIP archives (.zip)

TransType 4 exports

Monochrome fonts: OpenType PS (.otf), OpenType TT / TrueType (.ttf), PostScript Type 1 (.pfb, .pfa, .pfm, .afm, .inf)

Color fonts: OpenType TT (.ttf) with Adobe/Mozilla SVG table, Apple sbix table, Microsoft COLR/CPAL tables

Web fonts: Web Open Font Format (.woff), EOT compressed (.eot), SVG fonts (.svg)

System requirements

Mac version: Mac OS X 10.6.8 – 10.9 (Intel 64-bit, supports Retina display)

Windows version: Windows XP – 8.1 (32 bit, works on 64 bit systems)

TransType Reviews

Reprinted with permission from The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing <http://www.printerport.com/kdp>, Vol. 19 No. 1-3 Summer 2014, copyright 2014, Graphic Dimensions, Boynton Beach, FL.

TransType 4

   TransType 4 is a form of type factory, able to convert virtually any font into another font format, and dynamically modify a font into a totally new variation, given that this is done in compliance with font licensing agreements and copyrights. The program can perform a host of functions, not the least of which is the capability to instill order to font family structures, and naming conventions, that typically vary on different operating systems. The program provides user control over the dozen or so naming fields and settings that influence how fonts are listed in application font menus. TransType 4 virtually eliminates this longstanding problem by arranging fonts within a family, and overcoming any glitches with a quick drag-and-drop of font thumbnails, or click-and-editing of one or two text fields.
   Where TransType 4 truly shines is in its creative use of highly refined and engineered filters, that can be applied to modestly-to-radically change the appearance of a font. The filters do not substitute for the trained eye of a professional type designer, but they can produce quite acceptable results for those who do not abuse their power. Perhaps the most useful filter is Blend, which creates a new font based on the characteristics of any two fonts. If the two fonts are a light and a bold from the same family, the user can create almost any weight between the two, and save them as new fonts. The two fonts in question need not be from the same family, and consequent clones can be anything from unusual to unusable.
   Other filters enable the user to control the Tracking between characters, changing the spacing a uniform amount; the Width, which stretches and squeezes; the Slant, which obliques the font; the Perspective, which changes the slant of the vertical glyph plane back and forth; the Blur, which applies a Gaussian blur to the character outlines; the Smooth, which converts straight font lines into curvy lines; the Round, which creates rounded corners on the characters; the Sharpen, which adds pointed edges to the outlines; the Distort, which applies a random distortion effect; and the Outline, which generates an outline version of the font.
   Another unique and useful feature is the capability to create Overlay Fonts composed of one, two,or three font layers in different colors. The interactive interface enables the user to work on each layer individually, adjusting the X and Y offset, scale, alignment, blur, opacity, and, of course, color, and seeing the effect immediately in the Overlay Preview. The newly minted font maintains the glyph metrics, kerning and OpenType features (if any) from the bottom-most font.
   TransType 4 is truly unique in that it performs a very useful function by expertly converting fonts, and a highly creative function by generating entirely new font variations. We suggest downloading the 7-day trial version at http://www.fontlab.com/font-converter/transtype/.