TransType 4


True genius at font work!





With TransType 4, your fonts work when and where you want them to.

TransType organizes font families, fixes font problems, and allows you to play and experiment with monochrome and multi-color fonts.

Fully redesigned, built on a brand-new software core, amazingly fast and versatile.
Generate rock-solid, high-quality OpenType, TrueType or @font-face web fonts. Turn monochrome layered fonts or any color fonts into gorgeous multi-color OpenType fonts.

And if you’re a font publisher, TransType is the best tool to turn your VFBs or UFOs into shipping fonts.


  • Fully redesigned and engineered from the ground up, with support for newest OpenType and @font-face web font standards.
  • Ultrafast batch conversion of hundreds of fonts at a time into optimized desktop and web fonts
  • Automatic and drag-and-drop font family reorganization
  • Font special effects for blending, rounded corners, tracking, autokerning, slanting or distorting
  • Create multi-color OpenType fonts from BitFonter Photofonts or by overlaying traditional outline fonts
  • Generate PDF samples and glyph maps

“Great App! I think it could be a very useful tool for small foundries.”
Eduardo Manso (@emtype)

Convert fonts

Converting fonts has never been easier!
Drop any number of fonts in any old and modern format (including VFB and UFO), or even folders and ZIP archives into TransType.
TransType preserves all of the original font data but optimizes the font files and fixes some common problems on the way.
Get industry-strength, optimized, cross-platform OpenType or TrueType fonts and CSS @font-face web fonts that just work.

Organize and fix fonts

Manage entire font families, not just single fonts.
Split, merge or rename font families with just a few clicks — faster and easier than in any font converter ever before.
When TransType converts your fonts, it upgrades to the newest and finest version of the format. Bingo! — font problems corrected.
Your font families will work in Windows, Mac and Adobe apps, without ever missing a single font style.

Color fonts

True multi-color OpenType fonts!
Create gorgeous multi-color OpenType fonts from bitmap fonts made with BitFonter, from single-layer monochrome outline fonts, from SVG fonts or any other color OpenType fonts.
TransType is the first app in the world to support three multi-color extensions of the OpenType format.
They will work in new Mac and Windows apps, and with our free FontLab Pad app, they work everywhere! Just imagine what you can do if you’re no longer limited to classic black-and-white!

Have fun

Creative special effects!
It’s not all work and no play for TransType. Be experimental: apply a special effect to any font — and voila!
With spectacularly anti-typographic effects that include Fake Italic, Smoooth, Blur them All or the Reality Distortion Field, absolutely no drawing skills are necessary to ruin one type designer’s months of hard labor.
Apply tracking and auto-kerning, blend between a light and a bold font to create intermediate weights.

Export customizable font previews and glyph maps as PDFs for your or your client’s reference.

TransType 4 technical specifications

User interface

  • Conversion profiles for high-quality font conversion into most popular formats
  • Fonts area for manual font family organization (drag-drop, in-place editing) and Organize menu for automatic family font organization
  • Font Info panel for family renaming and organization
  • Preview panel with editable text and Glyph Map panel with full character set view (both with PDF export)
  • Effects menu to automatically create font modifications: Width, Slant, Perspective, Tracking, Blur, Smooth, Round, Sharp, Distort, Outline, Blend, Overlay, Auto Kerning


  • Mac OS X 10.6–10.13 (Intel 64-bit, with Retina support)
  • Windows XP–10 (32-bit, works on 64-bit systems)


  • Free trial for 7 days
  • Cross-platform license for a single user that allows you to install the software on a maximum of three devices (computers). The same license and serial number works in both the Mac OS X and the Windows version of TransType 4.

Opens monochrome fonts

  • OpenType PS (.otf), CFF flavor, name- and CID-keyed
  • OpenType TT (.ttf), TrueType flavor
  • TrueType Collections (.ttc)
  • Type 1 (.pfb/.pfa, .pfm, .afm, .inf); Multiple Master Type 1 fonts are not supported
  • Mac Classic (FFIL/LWFN), Type 1 and TrueType
  • CSS @font-face Web fonts (.woff/.eot/.svg)

Opens color fonts

  • Color OpenType (.otf/.ttf) in SVG, sbix, COLR/CPAL and CBDT/CBLC flavors
  • Photofont (.phf) in PNG and SVG flavors
  • SVG fonts (.svg)

Opens other formats

  • Unified Font Objects (.ufo) version 2
  • FontLab VFB files (.vfb) with single or multiple masters
  • Adobe FDK for OpenType (.fea)
  • ZIP archives (.zip) with fonts in all supported formats

Generates monochrome fonts

  • OpenType PS (.otf), CFF flavor, name-keyed only
  • OpenType TT (.ttf), TrueType flavor
  • Type 1 (.pfb/.pfa, .pfm, .afm, .inf), Windows and Unix

Generates color fonts

  • Color OpenType TT (-SVG.ttf), SVG flavor for Firefox and FontLab Pad
  • Color OpenType TT (-sbix.ttf), sbix flavor for iOS, Mac OS X and FontLab Pad
  • Color OpenType TT (-COLR.ttf), COLR/CPAL flavor for Windows 8.1 and FontLab Pad

Generates CSS @font-face Web fonts

  • Web Open Font Format (.woff)
  • EOT (.eot), MTX-compressed
  • SVG fonts (.svg)
  • Sample integration files (.html/.css)