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    Black-and-white movies are wonderful — but fortunately, Hollywood discovered color long ago.

    Color OpenType fonts, however, are still in their infancy. They come in four “flavors,” (SVG, sbix, COLR and CBDT). Most apps and operating systems only support some of those flavors, or none at all. For example, you can use OpenType SVG fonts in the CC 2019 versions of Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, and in some other apps.

    But what if you’re using a different or older app? With our free FontLab Pad, all these color fonts work everywhere — on all versions of macOS and Windows! FontLab Pad is our typesetting helper for color fonts.

    In fact, you can use FontLab Pad to typeset using any font, and then copy or export the result as PDF, SVG or PNG, and place it in your favorite app!

    1. Open any font installed on your system, or any font file (even if the font is not installed), in FontLab Pad and type your text.

    2. Choose the font size, apply additional formatting and preview the final result over your favorite design app using FontLab Pad’s transparent background.

    3. Copy your result, then paste into your favorite app, or export it as PDF, SVG or PNG.

    RUNS ON Mac OS X 10.6—10.14 and Windows XP—10. Free to use on any number of devices belonging to one household or organization. OPENS Color OpenType (.otf/.ttf) in SVG, sbix, COLR/CPAL and CBDT/CBLC flavors, Photofont (.phf) in PNG and SVG flavors, SVG fonts (.svg), monochrome OpenType, Type 1, web fonts, UFO, VFB. COPIES AND EXPORTS PDF, SVG, PNG.

    You can easily create Color OpenType fonts with our FontLab 7 font editor. You can also create Photofont PNG fonts in BitFonter, and use them with FontLab Pad.

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