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8 Days of FontLab 8: SAVE 40%

FontLab 8 sale 🛍 until Wednesday, 8 May 2024

💎 FontLab 8 Lifetime: 🔥$299 (not $499). 👩🏽‍🎓 1‑year Student: 🔥$65 (not $109). ⏳ 3‑months Starter: 🔥$59 (not $97)..

Tackling font problems? Lost your Type 1 fonts in Adobe apps? Want to put an icon, logo, or symbol into a fontTransType and FontLab are here for you! We’ll help you fix, improve, convert, and edit your fonts.

With TransTypeFontLab, you can give your font collection a comprehensive facelift. Modernize, extend, and customize your existing font library, and take your first steps in professional type design!


🌟 TransType is our best-selling font converter for macOS and Windows. With TransType, you can convert Type 1 fonts into OpenType and WOFF, create intermediate weights between two existing fonts, add decorative effects to fonts, or overlay and colorize fonts and export them into Adobe-compatible OpenType-SVG.

FontLab 8

FontLab is the world’s only cross-platform professional font editor that helps you create fonts from start to finish, from a simple design to a complex project, and brings a spark of magic into type design. With FontLab, you can design & edit any OpenType, variable, web & color font.

Design & edit OpenType, variable, web & color fonts with FontLab

FontLab 8 is an integrated font editor for Mac and Windows that helps you create fonts from start to finish, from a simple design to a complex project, and brings a spark of magic into type design.

FontLab is the pro typeface designers’ trusted companion to craft smooth and consistent curves, comfortably tweak, space and kern a typeface, and then export robust fonts in any format. 

Effortlessly add icons, symbols and custom glyphs to any font. Turn static fonts into variable fonts with just a few clicks. Convert between TTF, OTF, WOFF and WOFF2 formats with no hassle. Tweak the kerning and spacing of any font to perfection. And create multi-color fonts to make your designs pop.

Learn FontLab in 8 lessons

Check out our new series of 8 super-short tutorials, and dive into font creation: 

Made with FontLab

Adobe, Apple, Blambot, California Type Foundry, Canada Type, FontFont, Herzberg Design, Jeremy Tankard, Linotype, LucasFonts, Microsoft, Monotype, Parachute, P22, Porchez Typofonderie, Tiro Typeworks, Underware — and thousands more designers and foundries have been using FontLab apps to create 10,000s commercial and free fonts. 

amazing and innovative”
Eduardo Tunni

excels in new features
and innovations”
Robert Strauch & Alexander Haberer

best drawing tools”
Fábio Duarte Martins

worthy of a master”
Vassil Kateliev

wonderful, very addictive”
‍Yves Michel

without FontLab,
I could do just about nothing”
Dave Lawrence

Check out some of the highlights, visit our Testimonials to read what designers say about the newest FontLab! 

New ideas to ideal fonts

Turn letters into art

Express your imagination, prototype and experiment. Sketch glyphs with bitmap autotracing and live calligraphic strokes. Draw and edit beautiful, smooth, consistent glyphs in fractional or integer precision, with the help of intelligent snapping and live numeric and visual measurements. Refine your drawings. Create overlaps, simplify paths, equalize stems. Scale while keeping stroke thickness, globally adjust weight and width, find & fix imperfections, and have a bit of fun, too!

Make words look good

Build and assemble glyphs from variable components or from self-adjusting segment or corner skins. Add accented glyphs with a simple double-click. Space and kern in multi-line tabs or windows that feel like a text editor. Add typographic intelligence like ligatures, small caps, old-style numerals with auto-built OpenType features. Test them in the integrated top-of-the-line complex-script text engine.

Give text a voice

Explore new directions with color and variation. Extend and complete any font in FontLab, or in mix with other font editors. Create, open, extend, test and export font families, variable OpenType fonts, color fonts and web fonts for any Unicode writing system. Interchange with other font editing apps like FontForge, RoboFont or Glyphs. Supercharge your workflow with powerful add-ins and Python 3 scripts.

World of typographic knowledge — at your fingertips

New to FontLab? Want the latest tips & tricks? Discover our comprehensive FontLab video collection. 📖 Prefer reading? Visit our manual and text tutorials sections! Plus, in-app F1 contextual help is always just a hover away.

💰 Scroll down for your exclusive discount offer! After the one-time purchase of the lifetime license, you can use FontLab 8 forever on macOS 10.14 – 14 Sonoma (native Intel & Apple Silicon) & on Windows 8.1 – 11, and you’ll be able to upgrade to future versions at a discount. If you need FontLab for a single shorter project, you can buy the starter edition, which offers full functionality for 97 days.

Transform your type treasure

Modernize & expand your font library with TransType

Convert legacy Type 1 fonts to modern OpenType with TransType 4

Is your digital cabinet a burial ground for old Type 1 fonts? With TransType, our intuitive Mac & Windows font converter, a simple drag-and-drop will instantly transform them all into modern OpenType fonts, and into WOFF web fonts, too!

Use your valuable fonts for years to come! Remember: Consult the End-User License Agreements of your fonts to check if conversion is permitted.

👏 In the words of CreativePro’s Mike Rankin“The process of converting a Type 1 font with TransType could hardly be simpler.”

Short intro to TransType: convert fonts, organize fonts, fix fonts, have fun!
InDesign How-To: Find Files Using Type1 PostScript Fonts (Video Tutorial)

Imagine your font library growing with just a few clicks… Interpolate between existing font styles to generate medium, semi-bold, or extra-light weights. Apply special effects like rounded corners. Colorize any font in an Adobe-compatible format. TransType makes font customization fun and easy!

✨ TransType is your friendly font wizard. It optimizes your Mac or Windows font collection. Unlock the power of TransType, and transform your font collection into a dynamic masterpiece! If you want to push font customization to new horizons, scroll down to learn more about FontLab.

💰 Scroll down for your exclusive discount offer! After the one-time purchase, you can use TransType 4 forever on macOS 10.6 – 14 Sonoma (Intel & Apple Silicon) & on Windows XP – 11, and you’ll be able to upgrade to future versions at a discount.

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Save 40% on FontLab 8 until 8 May!

🔥🛍 Until Wednesday, 8 May 2024, we offer an exclusive 40% discount on FontLab 8 licenses to CreativePro subscribers. Get yours now!