Font Conversion & Linking

TransType converts font formats, regroups your font families, and fixes missing style links—all with radical ease of use.
Convert and organize with TransType!

I want to make perfect fonts!

FontLab Studio has industrial-strength OpenType font generation. Most of the world’s commercial fonts were developed in FontLab Studio, the choice of professional type designers for over 20 years.
Go pro with FontLab Studio!

Color fonts don’t work in my app!

With the free FontLab Pad, you can use any font format and any OpenType feature, on Mac and Windows—even the fancy new color fonts!
Turn on the color with FontLab Pad!

Making your first font?

TypeTool is the perfect font editor for beginners. It has all the features you need, and generates industrial-strength fonts.
Discover TypeTool!

I’m a designer, not an engineer!

Fontographer is the perfect font editor for designers. FontLab technical sophistication under the hood, yet just the tools you need on the screen.
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Designing a complete font family?

With the Multiple Master approach, you can draw your Light and Black weights in FontLab Studio 5, and then easily generate all intermediate weights.
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I need these as web fonts!

With TransType, you can convert your fonts into high-quality WOFF, EOT and SVG web fonts—not to mention between all other common formats.
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Black-and-white fonts are boring

Get BitFonter and TransType, and create a beautiful multicolor font. Yes, it’s possible!
Turn on the color with BitFonter!

My OS/2.fsType value is wrong!

DTL OTMaster is a powerful, technical OpenType font editor. It gives you in-depth font exploration, precise non-invasive font bug-fixing, OpenType Layout features testing and development.
Start OpenType hacking with OTMaster!

From paper to font, pronto!

ScanFont is an add-in for our font editors that turns scanned alphabets into fonts.
Help me make my first font with ScanFont!

I’m a student of fonts!

Get TypeTool. It’s a simple font editor that will help you make your first fonts. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll easily find yourself at home with FontLab Studio, if you want to graduate to what the pros use.
Take me to the first steps with TypeTool!

I need it all!

FontLab Studio is the only integrated font creation tool that supports all aspects of professional type design: from drawing, metrics and kerning, hinting, to OpenType feature development and Python scripting.
Go pro with FontLab Studio!